Fill Up Your Travel Diaries With These Unforgettable Experiences At Kihaa Maldives

Fill Up Your Travel Diaries With These Unforgettable Experiences At Kihaa Maldives

Thursday 1st of December 2022

Over a thousand isles sit nestled in the midst of the Indian Ocean in never-endless blues and dotted with streaks of white and green. Many people visit these realms of nature and are therefore home to a number of high-end luxury properties, each offering its own set of unique experiences. For wanderlust travelers, the destination is the ultimate place to fill up their travel diaries with bespoke experiences awaiting at every stop.

At Kihaa Maldives, travelers can indulge in a myriad of novel experiences that are sure to rival any other holiday.

The Desert Island & Sandbank Trip

Deserted islands and sandbanks are numerous in the Maldives and are worth visiting during any trip to the country. At Kihaa Maldives, the resort offers a combination adventure with the chance to visit both places during a single trip. The trip would be taken aboard a jet-ski adding a fun element to the adventure as well.

Say Hello to the Mantas & Whale Sharks

Kihaa Maldives is situated in the vicinity of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Hanifaru Bay, a world-renowned area celebrated for manta rays and whale-shark encounters. The spotty giants of the sea and the gentle gliders meet here in great numbers, providing guests the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see both and swim alongside them too! Definitely an item on the bucket list for Oceanholics.

Wellness Starts With Kihaa Signature Massage

The Maldivian landscape exudes tranquility and calm and is the perfect place to begin the wellness journey. Hitting the spa for an exclusive Kihaa Signature massage is quintessential to any well-rounded holiday so take the time to be pampered by experts. The signature therapy of Kihaa draws inspiration from the natural splendor of the island and its heritage, immersing guests in 80 minutes of pure bliss. Upgrade the holiday status to a spacation!

Horse Riding on the beach

The majestic horses of Kihaa are awaiting the arrival of guests at the beach with the rare chance to go horseback riding in a scenic ambience. Saddle up because unforgettable memories are created this way, with the hair gliding in the wind and the Indian Ocean providing a remarkable background for picture-perfect moments!

Romantic Private Dinner

Destination dining on the beach is a must-try experience for couples set against the idyllic sandy shores of the beach. The private dining experience can elevate any occasion by limits, whether it is an anniversary, birthday or even honeymoon. Guests can choose between a 4-course menu and a lobster menu to flare up the gastronomy in this intimate setting.