HDC Discloses Ambitious Integrated Tourism Grand Project ‘Urban Isle’

HDC Discloses Ambitious Integrated Tourism Grand Project ‘Urban Isle’

Thursday 1st of December 2022

Expanding the boundaries of the unique one-island-one-resort concept, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has curated an Integrated Tourism masterplan, designed to create a tourism island within the city of Hulhumale’. To be developed in the newly urbanized area on the Northernmost side of Hulhumale, this tourism island will be secluded and separated from the resident populations by a water canal.

The master plan comes equipped with a myriad of contemporary properties ranging from high-end and midscale to luxury villas. As such, the project presents an excellent array of choices for investors to invest in with diversified business models providing great flexibility. Some of the business models used by the Urban Isle include the lease model, fixed lease model and the JV model with investors given the full freedom to recommend their pick of model when submitting proposals.

Furthermore, the Urban Isle project is designed to suit all types of travelers, accommodating both domestic and foreign visitors, budget travelers and affluent travelers looking forward to an opulent stay in the scenic Maldives. It is also ideal for short-term stays as well as long holidays, catering for an extensive list of travelers and their travel needs.

Upscale Hotels

Spanning an area of 50,681 sqm, three land plots have been allocated for upscale hotels each featuring an average height of 10 floors. Luxury travelers can be guaranteed to feel at ease here with 360 views of the oceans and remarkable sunrises providing the perfect dose of nature.

Midscale Hotels

With a focus given for seekers of semi-luxury stays these hotels will cover an area of 19,103 sqm and will face the resplendent waters. Three plots are dedicated to the hotels each hosting 10-story buildings. The right mix of sea and stay can be indulged here.

City Hotels

Those who want to save up but still have an elegant travel experience must not look further than the city hotels. Their strategic location in the heart of the island means picturesque views and the stunning beach scene is not far away. Four plots will be contacted for this purpose featuring 8-10 story buildings.

Serviced Apartments

Designed for long-term stays, these serviced apartments are the ultimate recluse for digital nomads and other long holiday-makers. 10 plots have been set aside for the apartments in an area of 7006 sqm.

Luxury Villas

Positioned on the waterfront, these spacious yet chic villas will tick the bucket lists as the dream holiday home. 11 plots are designated for the 3-floored villas amidst the blue hues of the Maldives.

The Tower

A highlight of the tourism island is the tower, a multi-use 15-story building home to penthouses, signature shopping and dining outlets and much more!

Commercial Spine & Entertainment

Elevating the visitor and resident experience, investment opportunities extend well into commercial uses with 30 outlets allocated for the cause. Apart from this, health and wellness centers and entertainment hubs will also be featured in the development.