Enjoy Gustatory Delights At Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

Enjoy Gustatory Delights At Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

Thursday 1st of December 2022

The Maldives has more to offer than pretty picturesque views and connoisseurs of food can first-hand savour the culinary excellence of the island nation at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa. Home to six elegant dining spaces, the acclaimed resort offers a range of gustatory delights across all its restaurants, appeasing the palates of gourmands and epicureans alike.

The Dining Room

Boasting chic, modern interiors, the Dining Room presents the finest of à la carte dining with delectable dishes forming part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant also features various international cuisines offering the chance for guests to explore and discover new flavours and favourites during their time. Moreover, the extensive list of fine wines available in the Dining Room perfectly complements any dining occasion which is further elevated by the landscaped vistas of the ocean and the infinity pool.

The Island Grill

Introducing barefoot luxury dining, the Island Grill is designed with an open kitchen where a traditional grill and wood-fired ovens are at work to prepare sumptuous meals. Exuding a laid-back charm, the tables and swing chairs are placed on a carpet of coarse, white sand channeling the tropical vibe of the Maldives. At Island Grill, guests can enjoy freshly-flared seafood and prime meat cuts in a heartwarming ambience like none other.

Koi at The Drift

This Japanese restaurant is located overwater offering panoramic views of the stunning horizon of the Indian Ocean. Open kitchen-style dining means that guests can engage in conversations with chefs and watch them curate the delicious dishes before placing them on the tables. The lively atmosphere of this dining space is intensified by the rich selection of sakes and quality sushi and sashimi made to inspire the best of Japanese cuisine.

Chef’s Garden Treehouse

True to its name, the Chef’s Garden Treehouse is situated at an altitude of 5m above sea level giving way to breathtaking views of the sunset. The highlight of this restaurant is its solely plant-based menu with ingredients harvested from Hadahaa’s organic gardens and sustainably sourced from the neighbouring islands. Amidst the green canopy of trees, guests can indulge in a healthy, nutritious but delightful dining experience here.

The Bar

Ever thought about relaxing on a tropical island with a drink in your hands? That reality is not too far away at the Bar where the azure waters can be absorbed while lounging on a beach cabana with an exotic drink in your hand. Locally-inspired concoctions will add a unique taste to the drinks prepared by skilled bartenders. Guests can also dig into a myriad of delicacies here throughout the day, making the Bar the absolute place to get tipsy in paradise!