Joali Being Invites Guests To Usher In The Year of Rabbit In Meaningful Ways

Joali Being Invites Guests To Usher In The Year of Rabbit In Meaningful Ways

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

The island of wellbeing, Joali Being Maldives is ushering in the Year of Rabbit with a myriad of meaningful experiences. Sojourners can find solace in a carefully curated itinerary bringing the best of ancient wisdom, gastronomical spreads and enchanting underwater adventures. Hence, gear up to kick-start the lunar new year with fresh, cherished memories to bring good fortunes.

Take a sneak peek into the bespoke experiences crafted by the wellness resort for the lunar new year which falls on January 22nd of 2023 this time around.

Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The roots of ancient Chinese medicinal practices date back thousands of years and are still compatible / rival with contemporary healing powers. Joali Being hosts a traditional Chinese medicine doctor during the time to share with guests the underlying philosophies of these ancient traditions. Unlock the secrets of balanced living and wellbeing while delving deep into the theory of Yin & Yang.

Steeped in Tradition

This time, Joali Being spotlights the fabled Chinese teas by preparing an exclusive Chinese tea-tasting event. Set in the Gong Fu style, the elegant event will see the likes of delicate White Cui Min and the full-bodied Da Hong Pao Oolong as well as sipping the delights of the fermented Yunnan Pu-erh. To set the bar even higher, Joali Being is also decorating the menu with the rare Long Jing, a Chinese New Year speciality more commonly known as “Tea of the Emperor”.

Underwater Celebration

Elusively hiding beneath the sapphire waters of the Maldives is an otherworldly realm, beckoning guests with the promise of adventure. Descend into the cyan waters in Joali Being’s semi-submarine and enjoy a slice of Maldives found only below the surface. This novel experience will make way for a bold start to the year, surrounded by the thriving fauna of the Indian Ocean. It also means that guests can be part of the moment while staying dry and savouring mouth-watering canapes.

Chinese New Year Feast – Family festivities

Festivals are marked by time-honoured family traditions and the new year is no different. The family-style Chinese New Year feast will pave way for joyous family gatherings as loved ones feel the nostalgia of eating together. The extravagant menu combined with the wholesome ambience will ring in the new year with high spirits, appeased palates and new beginnings.