Experience Rebirth At Aavun Spa In Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives

Experience Rebirth At Aavun Spa In Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives

Thursday 4th of May 2023

A tropical hideaway tucked away in the turquoise folds of the Indian Ocean, Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives is situated in the promising location of South Male’ Atoll. Blessed by sun-drenched sandy beaches and fringed by a shimmering lagoon, Biyadhoo is a haven of quaint, natural beauty that brings tranquillity to the souls.

With breathtaking views offering salutations to every guest that steps foot here, it is the ideal place to rejuvenate and revive the soul, body and mind and experience a true rebirth in paradise. Coming to make this a reality is Aavun Spa – a sanctuary of relaxation and peace designed to remedy the soul with its bespoke wellness offerings. At Aavun Spa, Zen is a way of being brought through signature rituals and treatments that are guaranteed to send guests to a state of blissful repose.

Nestled amid the lush green vegetation, the Aavun Spa is canopied by a majestic Banyan Tree, setting the stage and ambience for a soulful and soothing space. The spa is supported by a team of talented therapists who are trained to carry out several different rituals to relax the body and soul. Wellness practices featured in Aavun range from Asian-inspired treatments to classic Western programmes, providing a multi-faceted and holistic approach to healing.

Natural ingredients such as seashells and pure coconut oil are utilized to pamper guests during massages. Some of the various massages that guests can choose to indulge in include Asian-centric Abhyanga, Balinese, Thai and Kativasthi and classic European ones such as Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage. The latter is especially revered to improve muscle tone and blood circulation among spa clients.

Those seeking self-renewal can glamour up with invigorating body scrubs tailored to exfoliate the skin using Javanese influences. Apart from this cooling fruit and vegetable body wraps, revitalizing natural facial treatments and mani-pedi cures are also available at Aavun Spa to give guests a well-deserved holiday glow!