Ditch Those Boring Snacks & Try This Fun, Mouth-watering Maldivian Platter

Ditch Those Boring Snacks & Try This Fun, Mouth-watering Maldivian Platter

Sunday 10th of January 2021

Today, people in the capital Male` City woke up to a rather gloomy day, with the usual scorching sun hidden behind a few dark clouds. When this happens, most of us are in the mood to stay indoors instead of going outside where the strong wind could give you chills. It’s the mood for something hot and spicy while you chit chat or watch something with your family and friends. A Maldivian “maskaashi” platter is all you need on a day like this.

A plate full of various flavors, from exciting sour to challenging spice, the traditional platter is also a wonderful treat for those going for a picnic. On a sunny day at the beach, this platter is every Maldivian’s favorite. It comes in a great variety, so it’s enjoyed by everyone, even those with the weirdest food preferences. You’ll find people who sell these wonderful dishes but worry not even if you don’t. This extremely easy treat is something you can make on your own in a few minutes.

The star of this dish is usually spicy, sour fish paste and coconuts. Fish paste is one of the many dipping used with this platter. Others include salt, chili powder and even black pepper. Common ingredients that are cut neatly and presented on the maskaashi platter include bilimbi, green mango, passion fruit, fresh coconut fruit and the Maldivian famous dried fish (valhomas).

The platter can be customized to include your preferred ingredients and in your preferred size. With easily available ingredients, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this amazing treat. It’s a Maldivian experience you don’t want to miss. 

Cover: Tulip Cafe & Restaurant