Violence against Children- 75 Cases in a Month

Violence against Children- 75 Cases in a Month

Sunday 29th of December 2019

Violence against Children- 75 Cases in a Month

In November 2019, Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services received 174 cases regarding violence against children, family issues, child rights violations, children in conflict with the law, behavioral problems of children, domestic violence, care for elderly and disabled people and suicidal behavior. This is a decrease of total 66 cases compared to October 2019.

Violence against Children – 75 cases

There was a total of 75 cases reported during the month. Most reports were regarding negligence, the failure to take proper care of the children due to carelessness and irresponsibility. This is followed by sexual and physical abuse.

Family Issues – 30 cases

30 cases were reported. 16 were cases regarding the child’s custody, 10 related to parenting issues and 4 cases of child maintenance.

Child rights violations – 9 cases

This refers to rejection to provide the rights of children determined by law. Under this, there were 4 cases of refusal of access to education, 2 cases of refusal to vaccinate children, 1 case of denial of birth registration, 1 case of acquiring NID card/ Passport/ Birth Certificate and 1 case of violation of right to health care and medical.

Children in conflict with the law – 2 cases

These are crimes done by children. In November, one case was reported due to physical assault.

Behavioral problems of children – 10 cases

This includes 4 cases of running away, 2 cases of perpetrators of bullying and harassment and 1 case of refusal to attend school. There could be several reasons for this including physical violence against children, bullying and pressurizing.

Gender based violence and domestic violence – 29 cases

This is a phenomenon deeply fixed in gender inequality. These are violence that are directed at an individual based on biological sex or gender identity. Majority of reports were regarding physical violence or abuse. This is followed by emotional abuse, stalking, sexual harassment and intimidation.

Care and support for elderly and persons with disabilities – 17 cases

Reports include 11 cases regarding care and support to persons with disabilities and 6 cases related to care and support to elderly.

Suicidal behavior/ thoughts – 2 cases

2 cases regarding self-harm and suicidal behavior were reported to and attended in November 2019.