The Ritz-Carlton Maldives Launches New Activities Under The Ambassadors of the Environment Program

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives Launches New Activities Under The Ambassadors of the Environment Program

Tuesday 28th of March 2023

In collaboration with world-renowned oceanographic explorer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau, The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands is building on its ‘Ambassadors of the Environment’ programme with new activities featured under the initiative. Famous for its sustainable architectural designs, the resort is adding a new suite of bespoke activities to the programme specially curated for younger guests.

The exclusive initiative will be led by none other than Jean-Michel Cousteau alongside a team of marine naturalists and globally acclaimed scientists. All activities will wrap around the main theme of preserving the planet and through these experiences, guests can discover the ocean depths in the legacy of the Great Cousteau or join leading research teams in their quest to monitor ocean habitats with drone technology.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Ultimately, the purpose of the program is to engage guests in the natural world and help them understand how their actions can help preserve it for future generations. The new inclusions that will be featured for junior guests in the 2023 edition of the programme include:

An Expedition of Microplastic

This immersive addition will peruse plastic and how it affects humans. As part of this expedition, junior guests will collect sand samples from the beach and take them back to the base for further exploration. Afterwards, the budding scientists will examine the samples with the help of microscopes and learn about microplastics and their impact on life and the ocean as well the cycle of that journey to humans.

Little Conservationists

Kids can get elbows deep in conducting a wide variety of interesting science experiments and games curated to investigate the marvellous properties of water. Through this hands-on activity, kids will discover the amazing molecule of water and what makes it so fun, strange, and crucial. Moreover, they will also discover more about the water cycle, how humans are disrupting the natural water systems and what we can do to protect this precious resource.

Aquatic Micro World

Young conservationists will join Jean-Michel Cousteau’s marine scientists on a unique expedition to find out about micro-organisms living in the ocean. Using special nets, junior guests will collect plankton at the water’s edge and view them under the microscope, all the while educating themselves about the tiny creatures.

During his previous visit, Cousteau shared with guests and the resort community findings from three recently discovered dive sites and conducted several meaningful activities. This includes locating and removing a discarded fishing net, discovery of a gestation site for nurse sharks and hosting a series of interesting talks, Q&A sessions. He also visited Dhiffushi School on the neighbouring island, where he shared with students his story, ongoing work, and research in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of ocean stewards who would champion the preservation of the natural world.

Since its inception in 2021, the Ambassadors of the Environment programme has grown to become a progressive research community. With continuous collaborations, the program is leading groundbreaking environmental studies from the monitoring of ocean plastics with innovative conservation technology to the protection of threatened species. Designed for both adults and children, its primary aim is to influence guests and communities to live more sustainably with the belief that the world’s largest investment to sustainability lies in the planet’s young inhabitants.

“Introducing the Ambassadors of the Environment program to The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands was a dream come true. I’m honoured and proud that guests of all ages are able to participate in cutting-edge programming curated by our naturalists. We aim to inspire and motivate people to appreciate the importance of protecting the nature that keeps our planet habitable, for us and all other species. Our message is always the same – protect our natural resources. The health and richness of the coral reefs and the sustainable infrastructure of The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands makes this one of the most exciting and impactful programs we have ever created,” comments Cousteau about the program.