The Maldives Records Significant Growth In Arrivals In 2023

The Maldives Records Significant Growth In Arrivals In 2023

Monday 10th of April 2023

According to the statistics published by the Tourism Ministry of the Maldives, the world’s leading destination closed quarter one of 2023 with a strong performance, particularly evident from the soaring arrival numbers. Compared to the same period last year, arrivals have increased by 21.9% this year, surpassing the half-a-million mark in less than three months.

A closer look at the statistics reveals that the highest increment in the growth of arrivals was seen in January 2023 at 30.9% with the ongoing month of April (27.5% as of 9th April 2023) closely falling behind in the ranks. The least increase in growth was recorded in March, which stood at 15.1%. The recent spike in growth rates might be a result of the Easter holidays and Spring breaks enjoyed in many parts of the world.

On average, 6294 tourists arrive in the Maldives on a daily basis for stays of eight days. The three top source markets for the Maldives are Russia, India and the United Kingdom with other European markets residing high in the top 10 list too. Russia dominates the market with a 12.2% share and has welcomed 69,808 visitors so far. India takes second place with a 10.6% share with 60,000+ tourists recorded so far into the year.

The British market has also welcomed 56,873 visitors by early April with other Western Europe markets such as Italy and Germany also drawing in a large number of visitors as well. The Maldives has set a target for 1.9 million visitors by the end of 2023 which is a slight increase from last year’s target of 1.6 million tourists. Due to the increasing popularity of the destination, many airlines now fly to the Maldives with new resort properties positioning themselves in the competitive market as well.

Photo Credits: SunOnline International