The Famous Sunken Ship in the Maldives

The Famous Sunken Ship in the Maldives

Tuesday 19th of April 2022

An easy way to take a trip back in time would be to dive into a sunken wreck. They are relics of the past that have settled in their watery graves from wartime hostilities, accidents, or completely intentionally. Each wreck has a different story to tell, and each of these stories is worth exploring. The Keyodhoo shipwreck in Vaavu Atoll is no exception.

The Keyodhoo shipwreck is thought to be an Indonesian vessel that drifted empty into the atoll a few years ago. Since then, the wreck has become home to various healthy corals and schools of fish. If you have enough experience and training for wreck diving, you can swim through the captain’s cabin, and also hold on to a bicycle that’s attached to the hull, which has become iconic for being used for the perfect Instagram shot.

You also won’t have to dive deep to experience it, since the shipwreck rests on a lagoon that’s shallow enough for the mast to rise above the water. Even just snorkeling above the wreck and seeing the perspective of the shipwreck beneath you is something worth experiencing.

If wreck diving doesn’t grab your interest, there are other great regular diving spots in Vaavu Atoll. There are also iconic overwater bungalows and numerous guest houses for travelers that are looking to explore more of Vaavu Atoll, several of which rival some resort accommodations in elegance and luxury. Much like diving into a sunken wreck, there are many different experiences and stories that can be told from visiting the different atolls of Maldives.