The Crescent in Maldives, Perched on the Azure Waters of Haa Dhaal Atoll

The Crescent in Maldives, Perched on the Azure Waters of Haa Dhaal Atoll

Sunday 27th of December 2020

Fly off to the Maldives and go onboard a seaplane. Buckle up for a scenic ride through the clouds. Dots of green surrounded by shades of blue so mesmerizing. As you fly above the Northern islands of the Maldives, you’ll spot a crescent. But this one’s not seen on the sky; it’s down below, perched on the beautiful Indian Ocean in the Haa Dhaalu Atoll. It’s not silver, but green and its friends aren’t the stars but the corals under the water.

Nolhivaranfaru is one of the inhabited islands of Haa Dhaalu Atoll in the north of Maldives. Its view from miles away is enough to amaze a visitor. Its history that dates back to 1752 is enough to make this island a must-visit on your vacay to the Maldives. It is said that after the capture of Male’ by the Ali Raja of Cannanore and his Malabari navy, Sultan Muhammad Imaduddin III was held captive on Kavaratti island in the Laccadives. Hussein Gadhahamaadhi Manikfan of Nolhivaramfaru is said to have aided Muleegey Dom Hassan Maniku in the fight against the invaders and they succeeded in 1753, claiming the monarchy back.

One thing that has always been interesting for the visitors to this tropical island is its unique shape that looks sort of like a crescent. A white border of sand sits between the island filled with lush vegetation and the blue lagoon. Take a walk to the beach during the sunset time for a magical moment you won’t ever forget. Find a swing under a large tree and feel relaxed surrounded by the blues and greens.

Where to stay? The Nolhi Escape is a beautiful guesthouse surrounded by palm trees with close access to the island’s beautiful white sandy beach and its mesmerizing turquoise lagoon and has the ideal setting for an exciting and unforgettable holiday. Comfortable rooms, a tropical garden and great hospitality- it’s all there.