Reethi Beach Resort Wins Big At Global Culinary Challenge & Exhibition by FHAM

Reethi Beach Resort Wins Big At Global Culinary Challenge & Exhibition by FHAM

Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Reethi Beach Resort had a successful run at this year’s Global Culinary Challenge & Exhibition organized by Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives (FHAM). The talented chefs at Reethi Beach Resort were able to showcase their culinary skills and bag a total of 10 medals and two special awards at the sensational event.

FHAM’s annual Global Culinary Challenge & Exhibition took place at Hulhumale’ Central Park from May 8 to May 10, 2023. This year’s Exhibition event featured a total of 110 stalls representing over 50 local and international companies from the food & hospitality industry. Likewise, the culinary challenge saw more than 600 participants from 11 different countries compete in the 21 categories featured, out of which over 500 participants were from 120 resort properties in the Maldives.

The awards won by the Reethi Beach Resort culinary team include:

R.A. Sisira Kumara, Fruit & Vegetable Carving - Gold Medal 1st Place & Most Outstanding Artist from Competition

Wijethungage Shehan Maduwantha, Lamb Hot Cooking, Gold Medal

Rubin Star, Beef Hot Cooking, Gold Medal

Wijethungage Shehan Maduwantha, Vegetarian Main Course, Silver Medal

Mangala Madusanka Weerasingha, Dress the Cake (Pastry), Silver Medal

Wijethungage Shehan Maduwantha, Poultry - Hot Cooking, Silver Medal

Anarul Sekh, Lamb Hot Cooking - Silver Medal

Ibrahim Maahil Mukthaar, The Young Chef Main Course and Dessert, Bronze Medal

T.D. Dishan Diluka, Lamb Hot Cooking - Bronze Medal

Anarul Sekh, Poultry - Hot Cooking, Bronze Medal

T.D. Dishan Diluka, Seafood - Hot Cooking, Merit

Anarul Sekh, Beef Hot Cooking, Merit

Reethi Beach Resort regards the awards won by the chefs as a testament to their talent, hard work and dedication that goes into every dish they prepare. The culinary team at the resort continue to display exemplary skills and passion for curating exceptional cuisines that are guaranteed to elevate guests’ dining experiences at Reethi Beach. With a stellar lineup of chefs manning the kitchen, Reethi Beach Resort is confident in bringing the best culinary experiences to guests across its bespoke restaurants offering a wide range of international and local cuisines.