Nova Maldives Incorporates Traditional Maldivian Medicine Into Its Wellness Rituals

Nova Maldives Incorporates Traditional Maldivian Medicine Into Its Wellness Rituals

Sunday 4th of December 2022

The new brightest star in town, Nova Maldives has introduced a carefully curated selection of treatments inspired by the sacred percipience of Traditional Maldivian Medicine. The newly crafted healing rituals are designed for guests to form a connection with nature and elevate their body and soul’s well-being

History of Traditional Maldivian Medicine

Traditional Maldivian medicine has a long history and is well-renowned for curing various ailments. It is believed that Maldivians learned the arts of these healing powers from travelers who passed through the archipelago and perfected them using local ingredients and available imports. Hence, ‘Dhivehi Beys’ encompasses medicinal traditions from Arabs, Persians, Indians and the Chinese and is even known to integrate Greek secrets of healing.

Through infusing all these cultures, the ‘Dhivehi Beys’ is created which promotes the benefits of natural cycles, the environment and the nourishing effects of the marine ecosystems of the country. Thus, ‘Dhivehi Beys’ has now become a quintessential part of Maldivian heritage.

The Drift Away Treatment

This 90-minute wellness treatment brings balance to the emotional state of mind and revives physical energy. With an emphasis given to detoxify and improving blood flow, the treatment starts with a cleansing foot ritual. Afterward, a brief meditation and a back-centric full-body massage will be performed.

Nova’s spa therapists will combine a number of strokes and classical movements to alleviate stress and indulge guests in pure bliss. Leaves from the Indian Mulberry tree, famous for its healing properties will be utilized as a mask for the back. Their influence is believed to relieve arthritis, abdominal swelling, headache, skin problems and rheumatism, ensuring guests feel ‘drifted away’ in the confines of the Eskape spa.

The Maldivian Serenity Treatment

Designed to push the body and mind into a state of serenity, this immersive experience makes use of coconut oil and the Dhiggaa plant, known to contain high levels of Vitamin E. Beginning with a cleansing foot ritual, two therapists will be working synchronically on the guest to induce harmony and relaxation.

The scent of the coconut oil will waft through the air as the scalp is massaged, releasing its positive effects as an anti-wrinkle and antioxidant. The Dhigaa plant (sea hibiscus) will assuage stomach pains, fractured bones and sprained muscles. Together with the trunk roller massage, the elements will bring relaxation to the muscles, relieving the tension of knots and detoxifying the skin.

Nova’s Signature Tropical Body Polish Treatment

Plunging guests in deep relaxation, this treatment starts with steam which melts away their worries. This is followed by a purifying scrub of coconut oil and morning glory leaves which cleanses and polishes the skin. The flower in particular is known to be a blood purifier and an antioxidant that helps to smoothen the skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and scars.

The Nova Signature Scrub gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration, providing a soft canvas that can readily absorb the nourishing coconut body oil. Before concluding the treatment, a facial massage and relaxing cranial head sacral therapy are performed to relax guests and rejuvenate their souls.