Nova Maldives Commemorates World Wildlife Conservation Day with Dedicated Workshops

Nova Maldives Commemorates World Wildlife Conservation Day with Dedicated Workshops

Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Every 4th of December is commemorated worldwide as World Wildlife Conservation Day and Nova Maldives have decided to jump in the celebrations and make an impact this year. The bespoke resort has launched exclusive Maldivian Flora and Fauna workshops on the occasion, incorporated into the weekly guest activities.

Although the Maldives is more well-renowned for its diverse range of marine life and coral ecosystems, the islands also play host to a plethora of land organisms as well. Frequently sighted creatures include fruit bats, herons, raa bondhi, water hen and garden lizard while the national tree, Coconut Palm is seen in almost all islands. Ficus, screw pine and the national flower, Pink Rose are even visible in island landscapes, bringing an appealing aesthetic to the sandy shores.

During the Maldivian Flora and Fauna workshops, guests will be informed about the vibrant live coral reef and underwater garden encircling Nova and insights will be shared on the remarkable island creatures and plants that grace the Maldivian shores. Through this, guests can increase their understanding of the behaviour and importance of nature and wildlife conservation and instill in them an aspiration to conserve.

Furthermore, it would help guests gain invaluable knowledge on mitigating negative impacts on wildlife ecosystems and to give back to nature via contribution and conservation while working closely with the team at Nova. To serve this purpose, Nova has facilitated the chance for guests to make a charitable donation to the World Wildlife Fund (W.W.F) which will be used to train and equip wildlife protectors. Of course, the activity is complimentary for all guests staying at Nova.

In addition to this, Nova has also been conducting numerous other sustainability initiatives at its resort such as the Nova’s Coral Frame Sponsorship programme. Under this programme, guests are invited to sponsor a coral frame and plant it in the Nova Coral garden, making a positive change for the environment. Following the sponsor, Nova will be sharing sponsors with online updates about their sponsored coral frame with the growth of the frame captured in real-time. What a fun way to contribute to the environment, huh?

Located in the pristine South Ari Atoll, Nova is a new star shining brightly amongst the Maldivian resorts. Home to 76 luxurious villas, Nova Maldives brings a fresh twist to the all-inclusive concept by extending it to a myriad of experiences Nova offers. With a firm belief in becoming more than a lifestyle holiday destination, Nova encompasses the core elements of the Pulse Hotels & Resorts brand, promising moments of responsible, rooted and playful holidaying.