Maldives Begins 2023 On A Strong Footing At The Tourism Front

Maldives Begins 2023 On A Strong Footing At The Tourism Front

Monday 9th of January 2023

The recent statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism show a positive start to the year for the Maldives with a significant growth rate in arrival numbers seen just in a week’s time. According to the data published by the Tourism Ministry, Maldives has welcomed 37,209 visitors as of 7th January 2023 which is a notable increment compared to numbers in the same period for 2021 and 2022.

The boost in arrival numbers during the first week of January has resulted in an astonishing growth rate of approximately 13%, a huge success for the country as it begins the new year. The highest number of visitors arrived on 2nd January 2023 closely followed by 3rd January each day reporting numbers well over 6000. Given the peak season, the average arrival numbers have climbed from 4000 to 5316 in the last month or so with most tourists spending a little over a week in the Maldives.

Arrival Numbers For Week 1 of 2023

Although the top source markets for 2022 fluctuated a little, the No.1 market for 2022 has dropped two ranks down with India now residing in 3rd position. In its place, Russia now reigns the charts, hosting the highest number of visitors and dominating 20% of the market. Italy has also climbed the charts and made its way to the 2nd position, as its traditional travellers return to the Maldives for the winter holidays. A newcomer to the charts is Kazakhstan, remaining in the 7th position. Overall, the other 6 slots are taken by European countries and the United States.

Top 10 Source Markets For Maldives

As Maldives secured the World’s Leading Destination title for the third consecutive time last year, it has climbed the bucket list of many travellers with many planning their next vacation in the serene tropical paradise. This year, Maldives vows to return stronger with more innovative offerings and intriguing experiences for guests at all its tourism establishments.