Kandima Maldives To Host Wellness Retreat With Celebrity Trainer Ramona Braganza

Kandima Maldives To Host Wellness Retreat With Celebrity Trainer Ramona Braganza

Thursday 5th of January 2023

The laid-back ambience in the Maldives further elevated by the scenic views can put everyone in a lazy lounging mood during their vacation. However, keeping in shape during the holidays is equally important and Kandima Maldives brings a fun twist to the action vacation this coming March. The luxurious resort is all set to host an exclusive wellness retreat at the island destination with none other than revered celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza!

Ramona Braganza is a worldwide sensation known for her excellent fitness profile and having trained a number of A-list Hollywood actors and actresses. Her stellar lineup of clientele extends to high-ranking stars such as Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway and marvel queen Scarlet Johansson and even includes heartthrobs like Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, and Bradley Cooper. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is well-recognized for her work of sculpting ‘hot’ bodies in Hollywood.

Ramona Braganza

From March 14 to March 21, Ramona Braganza will be gracing the shores of Kandima Maldives to host a life-alternating 7-day wellness retreat. Titled ‘Strong Body, Strong Mind, Gentle Spirit’ she will share with guests the underlying secrets to fitness in this unique week-long programme. Inspired by her popular 321 Training Method, the retreat will include several innovative inclusions ranging from effective nutrition programs and daily meditation to spa treatments and snorkelling excursions.

In addition to this, guests can also enjoy the added bonus of undertaking one-on-one 60-minute training sessions with her amid other special offerings. Ramona’s celebrated 321 training method constitutes of proven combinations of core, cardio and circuit exercises that are guaranteed to achieve the desired fit and toned body!

The exclusive wellness training package includes:

• Daily morning Beach Walks and Gentle Yoga Stretches

• Daily morning Group 321 Training with exclusive tips from Ramona

• Red-Carpet-Ready Nutrition Lecture

• One-Day Optional Detox

• Daily Evening Meditation and Breathwork

• A private session with Ramona, where you can create your own personalized fitness and meal plan

• Complimentary gift of 321 Training Method Online Programme and 321 Nutrition Plan eBook

To take part in the wellness retreat, log onto Ramona’s website and pay $1200 as a participation fee at Ramona Braganza's Maldives Wellness Retreat and choose an accommodation and price option for a stay at the resort.