Intercontinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort Unveil New Spa Manager & Upcoming Visiting Practitioners

Intercontinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort Unveil New Spa Manager & Upcoming Visiting Practitioners

Tuesday 25th of April 2023

The deluxe property, Intercontinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort has welcomed a new appointment with Tati Nurhayati, who steps in as the Spa Manager of the award-winning Overwater AVI Spa. Bringing over 20 years of global experience and expertise in the Spa and Wellness industry, Tati has previously filled numerous roles across the Maldives, Africa and in her homeland, Indonesia.

Tati is especially passionate about skincare and how it influences general well-being with her interests focused on alternative healing methods and holistic wellness approaches. She enthused “The skin is the largest organ of a body, and naturally the state of our skin has an impact on our overall well-being and life quality. Nowadays, we know that stress, environmental influences, and our diet impact our skin's health. So, it is only natural to make this a focus of a spa treatment."

Uplifting wellness programmes further, the resort has unveiled its lineup of visiting practitioners who will be arriving at the resort to enhance guest experiences and wellness portfolio throughout the year.

In May, the resort will welcome renowned Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Jing Yang Zhao who travels around the world to heal patients. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science & Acupuncture and specializes in treating a diverse set of conditions including fatigue and insomnia, digestive, bowel and gynaecological issues, stress relief & wellbeing and balancing the body’s energy.

During her 3-month residency at Intercontinental Maldives, Jing Yang will offer guests a comprehensive range of treatments including Acupuncture to address various medical ailments such as blockages in the body and stimulation of organs to function efficiently. Apart from this, she will also provide Guasha treatments and cosmetic Acupuncture in line with the global trend of non-invasive beauty procedures. To top off the Chinese medicine journey, Jing Yang will share her knowledge and practice of Tui Na and Cupping with guests to complement their wellness requirements.

Speaking on her visit, Spa Manager Tati remarked "I am very excited about Jing Yang's residency in our AVI Spa, not just for our guests to experience her techniques but also for us, the spa team. Every visiting practitioner adds to our portfolio and ultimately enhances the spa journeys for our guests.”

In August, the AVI Spa will invite another celebrated practitioner, Master Sifu Aniket. Master Sifu will bring the arts of traditional yoga practice from the Himalayas region, crystal reiki, sound healing and hypnotherapy to the Indian Ocean as he guides guests to embrace healing through observing and balancing the body’s energy. His expertise also extends into Hapkido, Taekwondo and Kung Fu, allowing guests to embark on an authentic and holistic journey through energy healing, meditation, and martial arts during his residency.