Immerse In A World Of Wonder With A Bungalow Stay At Sandies Bathala Maldives

Immerse In A World Of Wonder With A Bungalow Stay At Sandies Bathala Maldives

Wednesday 12th of April 2023

Nestled on the eastern rim of the pristine North Ari Atoll, Sandies Bathala Maldives is a four-star property featured under the Sandies Resorts brand. Its strategic positioning on the outer atoll barrier puts the resort in a privileged standing when it comes to underwater experiences with the surrounding waters thriving with marine life and vibrant ecosystems.

Reached via a short 15-minute seaplane ride from Velana International Airport, a bird’s view from above will reveal the majestic expanse of the property with elegantly placed white bungalows lined up in the turquoise lagoon and shores of the resort. Home to 70 exclusive villas, 24 of them sit on stilts above water while 46 of them are tucked away on beach coves amidst the greenery of the island.

Water Bungalows

Water villas are hoisted on stilts in the crystalline lagoon that encloses the property with two separate piers erected to host a private terrace. Each accommodation unit is furnished with custom-made furniture including a king-sized bed and sofa bed and is complemented by tasteful designs and inviting layouts. A sprawling outdoor deck area opens onto unobstructed vistas of the ocean with an inviting stairway alluring guests right into the cyan waters.

Rooms featured in the villas are equipped with cutting-edge climate control facilities and wooden parquet doors, giving interiors an elegant yet comfortable feeling. Bathrooms are also spaciously designed with twin basins and walk-in showers installed to uplift stays.

Beach Bungalows

Beach villas also face the shallow azure waters with a little stretch of white-topped sand and trees separating the bungalow from the shoreline. Similar to the water bungalows, these units also come with private deck verandas that provide direct access to the beach. Guests can also take advantage of the lush vegetation found around the villas, exuding the charm of a tropical retreat while their rustling leaves add a natural soundtrack to their stay.

Rooms are decorated with tailor-made furniture with white tones and designs incorporated into every space. Independent air conditioning is also available at all beach villas with bathrooms elegantly characterized by their double basin and open-air shower facilities.

Whether guests opt to stay in a water or beach bungalow, they are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience with each choice promising a new definition of paradise. With the sound of waves rolling past blissfully providing uninterrupted music to the ears, the dream vacation will start in the comforts of the villa.