Huvafen Fushi Partners With Famed Artist, Lucas Beaufort To Mark The Golden Jubilee Year Of Tourism

Huvafen Fushi Partners With Famed Artist, Lucas Beaufort To Mark The Golden Jubilee Year Of Tourism

Thursday 4th of August 2022

As the name suggests “Huvafen Fushi” Maldives represents a dreamland with its scenic landscape and cyan blue waves lapping against the coral white shores that we call our tropical paradise. With such a beautiful assortment of colours and vibes of tranquility and peace, it has been a muse for the French Artist, Lucas Beaufort to work on his art in the past. He returns again to the beaches of Huvafen Fushi this August, this time to kick-start his new art project “Beyond”.

Hailing from Cannes, France, Lucas Beaufort is a world-famous illustrator, painter, film-maker and photographer whose work portrays elements of abstraction and figuration in a colourful and lively style. He often depicts whimsical fictional characters in his work stages, putting together phenomenal sets and scenes from many capitals of the world.

His new project is a multi-work painting program that aspires to capture the hues and ambiences of havens such as the Maldives, which did not receive artistic interpretations since the beginning of the pandemic. With collaborations from both MMPRC and Huvafen Fushi Maldives, “Beyond” hopes to resuscitate the charm and sensations of Maldives, as we commemorate 50 years of welcoming visitors to our home.

From the 1st-8th of August, Lucas Beaufort will be taking inspiration from the picturesque views of Huvafen Fushi to complete the first work of his project and share the beauty of the Maldives isles and its underwater reserves. Huvafen Fushi is a close-to-heart destination for Beaufort and he had dedicated a private work of his to the resort back in 2018.

While speaking about this exciting collaboration, Beaufort explains that Huvafen Fushi was like a revelation to him during his last trip. The unique colours, designs and vibes inspired him immediately. Beaufort added that for him, Huvafen Fushi lies between dreaming and living and the resort resembles the luxury of freedom with nature. He further remarked that he is very glad to collaborate once again with Huvafen Fushi and MMPRC to commence “Beyond”.

“Beyond” will be unveiled as an exhibition on Lucas Beaufort’s website His second painting, done at Huvafen Fushi to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Tourism in Maldives, will be shared with the press and travel communities around the world.