Have A Look Into Rahaa Resort’s Fantastic Itinerary Of Timeless Excursions

Have A Look Into Rahaa Resort’s Fantastic Itinerary Of Timeless Excursions

Wednesday 10th of May 2023

A castaway island set in the heart of Laamu Atoll, Rahaa Resort is a stunning location thanks to nature’s good graces. Blessed by clear crystalline waters and teeming marine life ecosystems, the four-star resort is the ideal place to lead a truly sublime island experience. The offerings curated at the property, cover everything from culinary voyages to expeditions and spa visits, ensuring guests have plenty to look forward to during their dream escape.

The Maldives is reputed for bringing guests authentic and unique experiences that can be exclusively enjoyed in the Indian Ocean archipelago. Many of these unparalleled adventures are staged in the shimmering waters, capitalizing on the innate natural beauty of the destination. Keeping up with this trend, Rahaa Resort also offers a myriad of refreshing cruises for guests to delight in during their stay.

Here are some of the inspiring and timeless excursions that can be booked at Rahaa Resort:

Sports Fishing

Fishing is an activity that can be wholeheartedly indulged in the Maldives and is a popular pastime among locals too. Sports Fishing involves catching fish for sport rather than for food. Aspiring fishermen can get ready to cast their rods on this expedition and tow in the plentiful bounty of the Indian Ocean. Marlins, tuna, mahi-mahi and other fish species grace the waters all year round, making this fishing trip a great opportunity for guests to showcase their talents on the water.

Dolphin Cruise

Guests can get up close and personal with the friendliest creatures in the underwater world by signing up for a dolphin cruise. Dolphins are commonly sighted in the Maldives and are often very gentle creatures that like to leap in the waters or swim alongside boats. Guests on the cruise can repose and relax leisurely while keeping the lookout for them. This cruise will definitely be a hit among children and oceanholics too!

Local Island Visits

Trying out some experiential tourism, guests can hitch a ride to a nearby local island to firsthand glimpse the Maldivian lifestyle and deep-rooted cultures and heritages that echo in every street and alley of this country. Through this discovery voyage, guests will then be able to obtain a better understanding of the native history and culture of the island nation. Apart from this, local tours also open up numerous opportunities to sample local cuisines and observe authentic traditions taking place on the islands.

Stargazing Cuisine

Just like the turquoise blue waters of the Maldives that take centre stage during the daytime, the starlit canopies of the sky hold the limelight at night. Granted clear skies and no interrupting light, thousands of celestial bodies become clearly visible to the eye and the sky and the ocean mirror each other on dark velvety nights. To catch this mesmerizing sight, guests can board a stargazing cuisine to gaze at the stars and the hundreds of constellations that illuminate the sky after dark hours. Perfect for astronomy lovers, the peaceful scenery will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Sunset Cruise

Catching a Maldivian sunset is a must-have on everyone’s bucket list and the best way to savour the moment is while on the water itself. Hit the waters on a sunset cruise as the horizon transforms into a canvas of colours and hues at sun-down hour. This dramatic view creates an intimate ambience, making sunset cruises a popular activity among couples and romance-seekers. Cocktails and light snacks will be offered on the boat ride, allowing guests to completely unwind and take in the breathtaking landscape with no worries.