Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Returns With Annual Summer Camp-Cation!

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Returns With Annual Summer Camp-Cation!

Sunday 9th of April 2023

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is once again gearing up for its annual summer camp-cation, this time bringing a myriad of fun-filled and family-oriented offerings for its guests to enjoy. Kids joining in this bespoke summer camp-cation will be able to unlock an array of innovative activities and amenities during their stay while having the signature Hard Rock Hotel Maldives experience.

The entire program will be guided and supported by professionals every step of the way, ensuring camp-cationers have the best possible time trying out new things and immersing themselves in a world of entertainment. Each session will also be complemented by special events such as pool parties, outdoor excursions and the popular ‘Rock n Roll’ jamming sessions.

Owing to tremendous success, the Summer Family Camp-Cation 3.0 makes its way to the property, unfolded in three distinctive curriculums including Sports, Crafts and Arts. Little Rock Stars can embark on an awe-inspiring journey of discovery while their parents unwind with some much-needed ‘me time’ at the Rock Spa or in join the fun happenings at the camp to keep the whole family united and entertained in paradise.

The ‘Kid-Friendly, Teen Approved’ customises various experiences for adults and kids alike, elevating every moment as a ‘Hard Rock state of mind’ – reconnecting families in creating long-lasting memories and giving little Rock Stars a space to get creative and active during their stay at the hotel. The jam-packed itinerary will capitalize on fun play-based learnings and experiences, enabling Rock Stars to have the time of their lives doing innovative activities on the island.

Under the Sports curriculum, youngsters can experience Aerial Arts at The Stage, where award-winning aerial instructor Lauren Ault will introduce a new form of art to the little Rock Stars, designed to improve their coordination and acquire superhero strength and balance. Moreover, little ones can also familiarize themselves with aerial apparatus such as silks, hoops, trapezes and hammocks.

Another interesting event is the ‘Street Safe’ self-defence program curated by Master Leo Vieira of CHECKMATE Brazilian Jio-Jitsu Academy. Facilitated by Gold Medalist & Brown Belt, Miguel Gomez the program will develop confidence among participants through social discipline while introducing them to basic skills of body movement, leverage, and flow.

The arts and craft curriculum promises an equally exhilarating time with an array of creative activities lined up for little rock stars to engage in. This includes dance lessons, music classes, gardening tutorials, marine life discovery classes, educational tours and so much more. Additionally, kids can also make new friends on the way, with shared ‘camp’ memories to take back home.

Guests arriving for the summer camp can also take advantage of the amazing views and amenities available at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives’ 178 accommodation units, picking a choice among suites, villas, and guestrooms. Guests can also enjoy complimentary junior Rock Stars in-room amenities and perks throughout their stay. Moreover, families can delight in weekly highlights hosted on the property like s’mores bonfire, glow party, family funfair and pool party among others.

At the end of the summer camp, all kids will be presented with a certificate of completion and a whole summers-worth of memories and experiences to last a lifetime. The Summer Family Camp-Cation 3.0 will kick off on 1st July 2023 and will extend till 31st August 2023.

“As we embark on our third year, we feel proud to continue with the annual summer camp-cation program at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. Our program stands out from the rest in the Maldives, as we constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in this breathtaking destination. We pride ourselves on offering a truly unique experience that combines the best of family holidays with an exceptional kids’ camp for our little Rockstars, and it has been a tremendous success for the past two years. Join us again for an extraordinary summer camp-cation at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and let us take your family holiday to a new level.” said Tolga Unan, Managing Director, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and The Marina @ CROSSROADS.