Get Into These Creative Dining Adventures At Soneva Jani

Get Into These Creative Dining Adventures At Soneva Jani

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Situated in Noonu Atoll, amidst soothing expanses of blue and sun-drenched stretches of shore, the Soneva Jani property is a calming embodiment of nature. Complementing its serene landscapes are noteworthy culinary adventures, inspired by the pristine doses of nature found on the island. Some of the exclusive dining experiences offered at Soneva Jani include:

So Wild by Diana Von Cranach

Delving deep into the greenery of the Maldives, the So Wild restaurant is located in the Organic Gardens and spotlights the healthful way of dining. The celebrated raw food Chef Diana Von Cranach designed the menu for this restaurant, bringing to the table health-conscious and plant-based dishes that border on the Indonesian Spice Islands and flavours of South East Asia.

Her innovative execution of simple dishes draws inspiration from Ayurveda and revives the historic remnants of traditional recipes of the South East Asian region, further perfected by fresh ingredients picked from the Organic Gardens. Guests can look forward to unexpected encounters here with both familiar (herbs & botanics) and unusual ingredients making up the mostly raw dishes.

The designated menu is called ‘Essence of the Garden’ while the first set menu takes on the name of ‘Music of the Spheres’. The name implies the five elements: Earth, Wood, Metal, Water & Fire and is created using locally grown ingredients.

Overseas by Mathias Dahlgren

Situated overwater, the restaurant immerses guests in panoramic views of the aquamarine lagoon and is exactly what made the Swedish Chef and Restauranteur, Mathias Dahlgren fall in love with the location. With the determination to celebrate the Indian Ocean seafood and the locally grown produce at the property, he concocted a decorated menu split between seafood and vegetarian options.

All ingredients required for preparation are sustainably obtained whether it is responsibly caught fish or organic vegetables, herbs and fruits plucked from the gardens. The highlight of this restaurant is undoubtedly the ‘Chef’s Choices’ pre-set menu, delivering diners with a comprehensive range of dishes to indulge in. This includes single plates, shared plates, signature dishes and an open selection for the main and dessert.

The decadent menu underlines pescatarian, vegetarian and plant-based varieties, paving way for a lavish dinner in the alfresco dining restaurant. The laid-back ambience merged with unobstructed views of the horizon will elevate the dining by limits.

So Primitive

Placed adjacent to the beach, So Primitive is open on select days for extravagant dinners on the sandy shore. The restaurant zooms in on fire, the central element of this dining experience. The restaurant houses a unique fire pit as its centrepiece where various cooking techniques are honoured in the hot amber flames.

Some of the features include roasting, grilling, searing and cooking in a kettle while clay pots, salt-crusted baking and cooking over coals are also brought into the spotlight. The international menu makes way for several delicacies and favourites such as fresh seafood, meats and a myriad of plant-based dishes.