Explore These Irresistible Dive Locations At Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

Explore These Irresistible Dive Locations At Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

Tuesday 4th of April 2023

The exquisite Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon is nestled at the brim of one of the largest atolls in the Maldives in a remote location renowned for its world-class dive sites. The island is not far from a diver’s paradise itself, with a stunning natural house reef just a few steps away from the shoreline. With plenty of magnificent marine life to discover and observe and equally mesmerizing coral gardens to gaze at, it is no wonder that the island resort sets the bar high for dive destinations in the Maldives, capturing the eyes and hearts of all dive fanatics worldwide.

Home to over 50 dive locations in the vicinity of the resort, Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon has an in-house dive site on the property operated in partnership with its longstanding dive partner Dive & Sail. With a team of international diving instructors available around the clock, guests can start their dive journey on the island guided by expert on-hand professionals. With a wide selection of dive areas to choose from, guests can try everything from beginner-friendly experiences to pro dives, with each dive site promising to be a unique stand-alone experience to add to their travel diaries.

Guests can get their hands on all necessary equipment at the dive centre or even choose to bring their own diving gear when staying at the resort. Newbies who are trying diving for the first time can make use of basic PADI-certified courses offered at the dive centre beforehand, preparing to take their first plunge into the ocean in the iconic Maldivian seascape. Delving deeper into the underwater world, guests are entitled to catch several marine life species looming around including turtles, eels, rays, schools of vibrant fishes and sharks among others.

With so many dive sites to choose from, guests might initially get overwhelmed by the numerous choices. Although each dive site is characterized in its distinctive way, some of the best and most pristine dive sites will always hold a special place in every diver’s heart. By staying at Ellaidhoo Maldives, avid divers can pull stops at these prominent dive sites:

Orimas Thila

If your dream scene for diving consisted of big fish, Orimas Thila is the perfect place to stop by to catch the giants. Depths range from 14 to 30 metres here and guests will have the illusion of being in a fish universe as different kinds of sea fans, anemones, and schools of clownfish glide past their line of vision. Of course, among the schools, guests can even spot the larger predators such as the guitar sharks, barracuda, and rays scouring for food.

Fish Head

Adding some excitement to diving adventures, divers can head to the dramatic Fish Head, a site teaming with large grey reef sharks, tuna, barracudas and the endangered Napoleons. Apart from the fish frenzy, this dive site has its appeal in its natural construction with remarkable steep sides boasting multi-level ledges and several overhangs and caves to explore. If that wasn’t alluring enough, black corals line up this site, giving a distinguishable touch to the entire landscape.

Fesdu Wreck

Sitting 30 metres below the surface is an ancient and decaying fishing trawler which now serves as a sanctuary to quite an impressive mass of marine organisms. Since the sink occurred, the trawler has been colonized by the underwater residents and guests can find coral-crusted expanses down in the wreckage as well as swarms of moray eels and groupers. After discovering every nook and cranny, divers can find themselves at the thila, another dive site nearby filled with more wonders! A two-in-one dive experience to remember.

Ellaidhoo House Reef

Catering exclusively to guests at the resort, the house reef is located 25 metres from the beach area, home to a thriving neighbourhood of sea fans, whip corals and bannerfish. Set alongside these, guests can also sight the common Napoleons, sting rays and moray eels that frequent here as well. Moreover, the house reef even hosts a wreck, which serves as a popular spot for some night diving, allowing divers to discover the space from a new perspective after dark.