Drool-Worthy Culinary Season To Take Place at Le Meridien Maldives in Celebrations of Art of Dining

Drool-Worthy Culinary Season To Take Place at Le Meridien Maldives in Celebrations of Art of Dining

Thursday 28th of July 2022

Le Meridien Maldives, a French tropical retreat, keeps raising the bar for dining in the Indian Ocean through inventive and creative methods that highlight regional ingredients, collaborative talent, limited-edition menus, and exclusive offerings.

From August 5 to August 9, guests are invited to experience the best cuisine from around the world as part of the culinary season. With a series of pop-up restaurants, Michelin-starred Chef Manu Thevar and skilled mixologist Diego Ferrari will give the resort's numerous dining options a twist. They will also host a Summerfest by the shores to celebrate the best global flavors.

On August 7th, check out the outdoor festival Au Soleil for a memorable summer soiree. At this shoreline hub, which has a wine bar where diners can raise a toast to the mesmerizing hues of a Maldivian sunset, guests can taste the unexpected and indulge in a variety of activities. It is fueled by upbeat and musical pop ups by celebrity chefs Mano Thevar and Diego Ferrari.

Michelin Star Restaurant Thevar by Mano Thevar – 5th to 8th August

Thevar, a modern Indian restaurant and bar on the bustling Keong Saik Street, is named after the two Michelin-starred chef Mano Thevar, who recently earned a spot on the list of Asia's 50 Best Top 100 Restaurants in 2022. In order to help guests unravel their palates with an explosion of flavorful plates, he offers a variety of experiences.

Chef Mano presents his best dishes for guests at Le Meridien Maldives, including family-style set menus to enjoy with loved ones, donning a chef's hat to embrace cooking classes with one of the world's finest talents, and a pop up at the immersive Summerfest. Guests can make the most of their time in the Maldives with a minimum 3-night stay and enjoy all of Chef Mano's culinary prowess starting at $540.00 for a 1-bedroom overwater beach bungalow.

Diego Ferrari – 7th to 10th August

Diego Ferrari is a diverse personality; in addition to being a legendary mixologist and the author of the highly regarded book Low Alcohol Cocktails-New Frontier in Mixology, he also founded Facebook Cocktail Art, the largest photo gallery of the world's most famous cocktails, and he will open a one-of-a-kind cocktail pop-up bar at the resort from August 7 to August 9.

Diego, who is ranked #81 among the 100 people in the world who will have the greatest influence on the cocktail industry in 2021, will soon launch Riviera, a beachside restaurant at Le Meriden Maldives, after a pop-up at the Au Soleil hub. Enjoy an omakase tasting menu and a specially selected mixology class at Tebamasu while enjoying a cool Maldivian breeze in a private open-air pavilion.

In addition, Diego will make dinner cocktails at Velaa Bar + Grill, followed by an aperitivo at a private island bar called Bodufinholu for discerning diners seeking an unforgettable, private culinary journey.

Visit www.lemeridien-maldives.com for more details or to make a reservation.