Don't Feel like Cooking Something Good? Have Dinner Made Just for You

Don't Feel like Cooking Something Good? Have Dinner Made Just for You

Sunday 20th of March 2022

Something to make your tummy full and your heart satisfied, enjoy an amazing gastronomic experience! With each dining experience thoughtfully crafted for your enjoyment, you can choose from a curated list of dining experiences from sunrise breakfast at the beach, movies under the stars to dinner in the Maldivian jungle. This is your sign to make unforgettable memories at a tropical gateway.

After a morning of exploring the islands or snorkeling through the local reefs, stop by your own private sandbank for a gourmet picnic lunch on a beautiful white sandbank. Meals made to be light but filling to be enjoyed under the cover of a white tarp which will shade you as you enjoy your picnic in the sun. 

Maybe lunch on a sandbank isn't romantic enough, then why not try dinner under a pergola. With the tranquil beach with a sunset, backdrop enjoys some wine as your dedicated chef prepares a 5-course set menu with fresh local produce.

On the next day, enjoy the warm summer breeze as you sip on evening wine while being served prime cuts grilled to perfection by your personal chef.  A tropical beach BQQ isn't something you will get to experience every day. 

While its lastly mentioned on the list, personally, it's our favorite. What's better than indulging in your own private cinema under the stars where you can choose a movie with a large selection of snacks dessert and wine at the same time? Nothing, that's what. 

So, next time you're craving something delicious, think about having dinner at Grand Park Kodhipparu.