COMO Cocoa Island To Host Two-Time Kitesurfing World Champion, Youri Zoon This May

COMO Cocoa Island To Host Two-Time Kitesurfing World Champion, Youri Zoon This May

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

The island hideaway, COMO Cocoa Island is ready to make waves this upcoming month by playing host to the Two Time Kitesurfing World Champion, Youri Zoon. From May 1st to 31st 2023, Zoon will take up an exclusive residency at the island resort, offering guests his expert guidance to take their kitesurfing dreams and skills to the next level.

During his month-long residency, guests staying at the resort can arrange activities with Zoon from beginner-level to advanced-level sessions, learning the ropes of kitesurfing from the master himself. At the end of the day, kite-surfing enthusiasts will be able to pick up speed, do tricks and airtime under the supervision of Zoon.

Growing up, Zoon has always been an active kid, trying out various activities such as climbing trees, jumping BMX bikes, skateboarding, and even sailing and windsurfing. Through these adventurous endeavours, he was able to discover the thrill of wind propulsion which fascinated him. However, it was only when he was 13 that he saw kiteboarders on the beach and thought that it was the perfect combination of all the sports he has tried so far.

In the same year, he took up kitesurfing and since then has never looked back. His talent for kitesurfing was realized almost instantly when he won the Junior European Championships and the Dutch Nationals during his first year of kitesurfing. Following these wins, Zoon set his target on the World Title and devoted his time and effort to achieve it.

In 2011, after tremendous hard work and several injuries on the way, he was finally able to accomplish his goal when he secured the title of Kitesurfing World Champion – a title he won back-to-back in the following year as well. Throughout his career, people have asked for advice and tips on how to progress their kitesurfing through which Zoon discovered his passion for coaching.

After a luminous career of 15 years of competing, Youri has shifted his direction more towards teaching now, while remaining as active as ever on the water. Commenting on his passion for coaching he enthused β€œTo be able to share my passion for kitesurfing with someone and see them land a new trick at the end of the day puts a big smile on my face.”