Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives Inaugurates Lantern Bar

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives Inaugurates Lantern Bar

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Tucked away in the pristine shores and blues of Lhaviyani atoll, the Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives is one of the few resorts operated in the atoll. The idyllic destination has recently announced the addition of a new dining venue at the property with the inauguration of Lantern Bar. The Lantern Bar is an extension of Kanifushi’s award-winning restaurant, Just Veg and offers an immersive experience in its quaint interiors.

Exuding to the charm of a laid-back ambience, the Lantern Bar is the perfect place to unwind for the day and catch a stunning sunset. As the dusk sky transforms into thousands of sparkling stars, the lanterns at the bar will light up, easily blending into the nightlife. Being a wing of the vegetarian-centric restaurant, Just Veg, guests can delight in a myriad of classical Asian dishes here, delivered with reinvented flavours and reimagined artistic flair.

Although the menu is strewn with vegetarian options, guests can be guaranteed a sumptuous experience with colourful platters that are equally aesthetic to the eyes. Besides mouthwatering dishes, diners at Lantern Bar can look forward to its exotic collection of ‘Elixirs’, carefully concocted mocktails that are healthful and delicious.

Aligning with Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives’ commitment to providing a wellness-focused experience, these mocktails are prepared by an Ayurvedic doctor using formulations that are not only pleasing to the tastebuds but also rejuvenate and nourish the body with their healing properties. Hence, each drink is created using ingredients with known healing powers and is tailored to the guests’ dosha (body type).

The introduction of the Lantern Bar adds another great variety to the resort’s prized collection of dining destinations. With the bar’s profound concept and delectable dishes complementing the serene settings, it will undoubtedly be a coveted dining experience for guests seeking an intimate dining venue.